"Extra Credit Work"

This is term used by schools in the US for assignments that are not compulsory to complete, but by doing them you can get a better grade.

The subjects chosen are current medical information, they may even enhance your medical knowledge as well as help you practice to translate and understand medical texts.

You are on your own, relying only on your knowledge (medical and English) and your dictionary.

Copy out a section of one to several paragraphs (from any part of the text), insert it into a new document, and below the text write down your translation. This does NOT have to be in perfect Hungarian, but has to be correct, accurately reflecting the content of the English text and your understanding of it.

There is no time limit. When you are satisfied with your translation and understanding of the text send the work to me at DocEnglish@medlist.com  identifying  the subject by its number in the list.  If will than make corrections (if necessary at all!) and will return it you for reflection on your work. I will of course not give you a grade, as your reward is the knowledge that you have gained from doing the translation